Quinceañera Preparation

A quinceañera is a joyous celebration of a young woman — a "quinceañera" — reaching the age of 15.

The celebration is a way of acknowledging the young woman has reached maturity and is ready to take on additional responsibilities. Most importantly, the celebration reaffirms her religious faith and the traditional virtues of the Catholic family.

In order to celebrate a quinceañera at St. Peter, St. Anthony and St. Charles Church, the following requirements must be met:

  • The quinceañera must have received the Sacraments of Initiation (Baptism and Eucharist).
  • The quinceañera and her Family must actively participate in the parish, attending Sunday Mass.
  • The quinceañera should present a copy of her Baptismal and First Communion certificates before the celebration of the quinceañera.

After all of the above requirements are met, you may visit the St. Peter, St. Anthony, and St. Charles Church office to pay the requested stipend and to schedule a date for the quinceañera. No dates may be scheduled for more than six months in advance of the desired date. No dates will be scheduled for a quinceañera until all requisites are completed. For more information, contact the Parish office.

For a copy of the policies and requirements for the celebration of a quinceañera at St. Peter, St. Anthony and St. Charles Church, click the links below:

Requisitos para Quinceañera - ESPAÑOL

Quinceañera Requirements- ENGLISH




Quinceañera Celebration Information


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